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Comprehensive Attic and Flood Cleanup for Boise, ID Residents

Flood Cleanup

Flooding can happen in any part of your home for many various reasons. Heavy rainfall during monsoon season being the most common, especially if you have gutters and downspouts that are not in good condition or are improperly installed. Other reasons are melted snow, leaks from the roof, or bursting pipes⁠—common during the colder months. If you happen to experience flooding, immediate flood cleanup is required to prevent damages to your Boise, ID property from getting worse. Get in touch with proven and tested damage restoration companies like DrierHomes. We offer cleanups and restorations for commercial and residential properties 24 hours a day, all year round.

Attic Cleanup

Your attic is prone to many risks including molds. Often, attics have poor ventilation caused by improper installation of air vents. This, along with poorly installed insulation, creates an ideal breeding ground for mold. It could get even worse with the presence of roof or window leakage. A mold problem in the attic has a significant effect on the overall air quality of your home. It can result to increased respiratory diseases like asthma. Further risks include rodent infestation and rot.

Free yourself from worries of contaminated air inside your property by getting a comprehensive attic cleanup from a reliable company in Boise, ID. DrierHomes offers the best inspection, cleanup, restoration, and other necessary repair services. Work with us to restore parts of your home. Call us at (208) 202-9558. We offer free estimates.

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