Mold Removal

Experts in Mold Inspection and Removal, Boise, ID

With just a little moisture, dangerous molds can start to thrive in a span of 1 to 2 days. Now imagine how destructive it would be if parts of your home get soaked in water from burst pipes or leaks… If not provided the serious attention that it requires, the problem can escalate to start having a harmful effect on the health of all inhabitants. If you are familiar with this scenario, then there is nothing much for you to worry about. DrierHomes are offering a thorough mold inspection and removal in Boise.

A common misconception is that moisture and humidity are the only causes of mold growth. In reality, even a cold surface that causes condensation can breed certain types of molds. This applies to basements or other rooms that have poor ventilation. Basically, your home can be having a mold problem without you knowing. Some molds are hard to detect, especially when they are inside your walls or ceiling. Although, there are some indicators of mold buildup which you can watch out for. Smell, little patches, or even sudden allergic reactions from any inhabitant are the common ones. Most of the time, the services of a professional mold inspector is needed.

Dealing with a mold problem requires expertise and experience. Special equipment are also needed. This makes hiring a professional to solve your mold problems a must. Aside from doing the treatment more effectively and in a timelier manner, there will also be a reduced chance of the problem to persist in the future. If you are in need of experts in mold inspection and removal in Boise, ID or any nearby cities, choose DrierHomes. Get in touch with us today by calling (208) 202-9558. Our lines are open 24/7/365 to provide to your needs.

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