Meridian ID

Effective Water Removal and Damage Restoration in Meridian, ID

Boise, Idaho

Meridian, Idaho gets plenty of rainfall every year, especially between the months of November and May which has a rough average of 1.20 inches of rainfall. In a nutshell, homeowners or business owners in Meridian are prone to the risk of water damage in its many forms due to heavy rainfall and melted snow. During freezing temperatures that happens in Meridian between the months of November and February, the water inside pipes can freeze which can cause the piping to burst. Not to worry, DrierHomes offers fast and effective water removal and damage restoration in Meridian, ID!

Water Removal and Damage Restoration

When water somehow finds its way into parts of your home, every second counts! The water needs to be removed immediately to minimize the damage to your belongings and property. When water is left standing even just for a day or two, it can create more problems including mold build-up and wood rot. This is why you need to get services from a tried and tested company that offers speedy delivery of services just like DrierHomes. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured making us the wisest choice in the area. With our proficiency in water damage restoration, you are guaranteed to have your property in Meridian, ID back in its former condition. Call us at (208) 202-9558 if you are in need of any of our services.

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