Crawl Space

Providing Complete Crawl Space Water Removal and Drying in Boise, ID

Heavy rainfall, plumbing problems, and faulty gutters and downspouts are just a few of the main reasons why there is water inside your crawl space. Regardless of the reason, the standing water needs to be removed immediately. If not, it can lead to inconveniences like musty odor, or to a full-blown crisis like rot and molds. If you have this problem, contact DrierHomes and get proficient crawl space water removal for your home in Boise, ID.

There are many things that need to be done when finding yourself in this situation. You need to find the source of water and do the necessary repairs to stop it. But the utmost priority is to remove the water that is currently there. This can be done by using wet vacuums or pumps. You can try to do this on your own depending on the amount of water present. If so, you would still have to rent the equipment if you don’t have one. One thing to keep in mind with crawl spaces is the presence of electric wires. Water is a good conductor of electricity and if you find even the slightest sign that water has been introduced to electricity, then things have become too dangerous for you. You need to contact a professional. Companies like us have the right training and enough experience to deal with issues like this. In Boise, ID and the rest of Treasure Valley, DrierHome is the leader when it comes to crawl space water removal and drying. Contact us at (208) 202-9558 today!

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